Maxfield Parrish

1870— 1966

By the time he finished his studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the painter-illustrator Parrish
was already a draftsman and colorist of great individuality. In 1896, he and Robert Vonnoh organized a poster exhibition at the Academy. Parrish designed the catalogue cover and the poster (Cat. 133). His entries in the two major poster contests of 1896 received prizes: second place in The Century poster contest (Cat. 134), and first place in the Pope Manufacturing Company’s Columbia bicycle poster contest. During the remaining years of the decade, his career as an illustrator flourished. He designed several posters for books and periodicals published by Copeland and Day, R. H. Russell and Company, Harper and Brothers, and Charles Scribner’s Sons, among. others. Most important, he also received his first commissions for posters and other advertisements from manufacturers of such products as Colgate soap, Adlake cameras, and Hornby’s oatmeal. These designs formed another important aspect of his early career. See Coy Ludwig, Maxfield Parrish (New York: Watson-Guptill, 1973)

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