Little Red Riding Hood Retold

This coming February, you will be able to enjoy the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but this time with a “reboot” — significant differences between the classic fairy tale and the new version. Most of us are familiar with the traditional story, but get ready to be amazed at the changes in this version. We think that you will enjoy the new twist.

Grandma’s fine. The woodman … no so much

  • Most of us we aware of the original version, Grandmother gets eaten by the wolf. In the new version, Grandma survives and is just fine.
  • The woodman who normally comes in to rescue Little Red Riding Hood ends up being homeless, which is not how the original version told it.
  • Then there’s the wild twist to what Little Red Riding Hood does at the end of the story. She ends up climbing on top of grandmother’s canopy bed and falling asleep.

A fun little retelling of this childhood classic. This was one of a series put out by M. A. Donohue & Company in the early 20th century, none of which indicated authorship or gave credit to an artist.

Granny doesn’t get eaten. The woodman is homeless. Little Red Riding Hood climbs on top of the canopy bed and fall asleep there. A few things were changed for this telling.

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