Celebrating 100 Years

Celebrating 100 Years

During the Spring of 1852 on March 5, a famous artist was born named Peter Newell. His work touched American readers through his poems and humorous artwork that was printed in publications such as Harper’s Weekly, The Saturday Evening Post, and Harper’s Bazaar. He has become a loved children’s author. Some may remember stories from such an imagination as Peter Newell. One of his books was called The Hole Book that was published in 1908. It had a hole in every page of the book that was located in the center.

Another one of his works, The Rocket Book, celebrates a hundred years in 2012. This old classic reveals the clever imagination of Peter Newell. This is a sample of his work that will be a favorite of children as long as they hear these old stories. The Rocket book was published the same year that the Titanic sank to the floor of the ice cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Only a few were saved during this tragic episode of 20th century. However, it has been discovered that there was evidence that it could have been avoided and more lives could have been rescued.

Most of the people living today were not living when this classic was printed, but it is for sure one of those stories that will remain as Americas finest examples of children’s literature. A raising of the works of an early Americans artist and humorist such as Peter Newell will keep classics like The Rocket Book from becoming a sinking treasure to to be forgotten forever.

The story is about a young boy who happened to be the janitor of an apartment building who was down in the basement where he should not have been. He finds a rocket that accidentally shoots off and travels to the top of the complex. In the process, people are busy living their lives when all of a sudden the rocket bursts through the floor of the room where they are busy doing something. Neither of them realize what happened. None of them stop and ask why the rocket came into the room. They did not ask where it was going. They just simply thought it was something related to what they were doing. One family was sitting at a breakfast table and they thought a bottle exploded. Grandfather was sitting in his chair and he blamed the kids for removing the wig that exploded off his head as the rocket came through the trunk. One child was blowing bubbles when he thought one of them popped very loudly. The story progresses through several apartment flats until it finally stops. This story will be available as a collectors edition in English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Korean. It will be enjoyed and remembered as a classic for years to come.

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